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Must Read

A distributor’s place in the supply chain
It seems that everywhere I turn, someone is trying to cut out the middleman. Who is this middleman and why do I want to get rid of him? In the circles I walk, the distribution link in the supply chain is often viewed as this part everyone is looking to cut out. I fear that this axe-wielding view ... >> More

Is your showroom a dinosaur?
Millions of years ago a major catastrophe of some sort rendered all the dinosaurs on Planet Earth extinct. Except maybe Barney; somehow the purple guy survived. There are theories as to why they became extinct. Some think that a meteor or comet struck the earth. Others have said it ... >> More

Two beers, one napkin and a 401(k)
What would you do if you found out your investment was earning 1% a year? Would you review your investment and make some changes, or would you take a "wait-and-see" position? The reality is that lots of good folks sit idly while their retirement plans wallow. The tragedy is that a ... >> More

So, you own annuities? Chances are you’re being ripped off
If you own annuities, you'll love this article. If you don't own any annuities, then pass this article to friends who do (but read the article so you'll know why you should never, except for rare exceptions, buy an annuity). To start, it should be noted that most insurance companies have a ... >> More

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