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Anvil, ISAT create alliance

February 28th, 2008

Anvil International and ISAT (International Seismic Application Technology) announced a marketing initiative to jointly sell products for seismic applications in commercial and industrial building throughout the U.S.

Anvil International is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and supports. The company’s product line also includes Gruvlok® grooved-end fittings, couplings and valves. ISAT is a leading provider of seismic bracing products and design services for use by architects, contractors, engineers and building officials.

Seismic events are earthquake-related occurrences. Bracing systems are designed to help critical internal building systems — ranging from HVAC applications to plumbing — remain intact and functional both during and after a seismic event. The recently adopted International Building Code has raised awareness and increased the geographic regions that must now adhere to seismic-resistant construction practices. The Anvil/ISAT partnership is designed to meet this industry-wide need.

The seismic restraint of suspended HVAC ducts, fire protection piping, electrical utilities and plumbing/piping systems for commercial construction projects is ISAT’s primary business. Hospitals and industrial projects represent a significant portion of their overall portfolio. The company also publishes comprehensive manuals designed to educate and help architects, builders and contractors meet building code requirements for seismic protection of internal building operating systems.

Another key component of ISAT’s business is training; dealing with issues surrounding seismic bracing is a matter of industry education. For almost a decade, ISAT has provided in-depth training for mechanical, electrical and plumbing consulting engineers and contractors, general contractors, building owners, insurance entities and enforcement authorities.

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