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The Wholesaler - Features: September 2014

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A look inside Chicago Tube & Iron at 100
The journeys of our lives often take a lot of different routes, and sometimes it’s hard to even imagine what’s ahead or how we’ll navigate the next curve. Some of these journeys have been well documented over the years in The Wholesaler — stories of humble roots and hard ... >> More

ESOP and innovative programs drive value at DSG
A significant factor contributing to any company’s success is the attitude and performance of its employees. And, with its award-winning ESOP program firmly in place, Dakota Supply Group believes they have the winning formula to drive high-octane performance day in and day ... >> More

Signature Sales celebrates milestone, transitions into future
Sig Schmalhofer believes in fun. He believes in hard work. And he believes in making the most of every day. You see, when Sig was in his mid-40s and in the early years of building Signature Sales, he got some life-changing news. He was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular ... >> More

Moen celebrates 75 years of commitment to design and customers
As folks at Moen Inc. tell the story, Al Moen was quite an inventor who loved to tinker with things and find new innovative ways of improving their function. In fact, even at the end of his career, the sign outside his office read “Al Moen, Inventor.” Now marking its 75th anniversary, Moen is using ... >> More

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