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The Wholesaler - Features: August 2014

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Steve Fleming readies to kick off year as president of AIM/R
It's no secret that I've been a big fan of AIM/R for a long time. I haven’t missed many of their annual conferences during my 20 years covering this industry. And thanks to that, I’ve come to know and develop a deep respect for these hard-working entrepreneurs who are ... >> More

Conbraco shares piece of history with F.W. Webb
In an industry driven by relationships and a rich history of family-led organizations, it’s not uncommon that many channel partners have done business together for decades over multiple generations. A milestone of one of those long-running partnerships occurred this summer ... >> More

CSST: The next generation
In 2013, the International Code Council and the National Association of Home Builders Building Product Issues Committee recently completed a joint survey of code officials across the U.S. to investigate the quality of construction in residential and commercial buildings. ... >> More

George T. Sanders' 100-year-old secret
Audrey Archer is 100 years old, and she's still working. Allow me to rephrase this statement. Audrey Archer is 100 years young, and she's still working — young because a person who continues to find substance in her work after all this time truly never grows old. ... >> More

BK Resources flows into the plumbing wholesale market
Listening to customers can be a surprisingly rare trait in businesses of any kind. But, those firms that take the time to listen to customer wants and needs, rather than just trying to sell them what they have, can find themselves led in all kinds of interesting directions. ... >> More

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