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The Wholesaler - Features: April 2014

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Nomaco produces high-quality insulation with environmental responsibility
Nomaco Inc. launched 30 years ago, when founder Marc Noel immigrated from Belgium and brought the first direct extruded, flexible pipe insulation to the market in the United States. This polyethylene residential pipe insulation was a cost-effective solution to protect domestic ... >> More

Bradley Corp: Handwashing since 1917
Epicor delivers software and innovative technologies to help customers in manufacturing, distribu- tion, retail and services industries build and run their businesses end-to end. Bradley Corporation is considered one of Milwaukee's manufacturing pioneers. The 94-year-old company is a thriving fifth-generation family-owned business. In 1917, Howard A. Mullett, founder of Bradley, came up with the innovative “group hand washing” concept, ... >> More


Gen. McChrystal joins forces with industry program to support wounded veterans
When one hears the word “champion,” the first thing that typically comes to mind is the winner of a competition. But an equally impressive champion is someone who supports, defends or advocates on behalf of others. All those who have been involved in Operation Rise & Conquer ... >> More


Strasser’s wood at work in the American bathroom
A small company that’s lasted more than 30 years in a competitive industry — and even through a recession — has to have its secrets, quirks and charm. One of Strasser Woodenworks’ biggest secrets is that it plays the “American” way. When the family-run business located in ... >> More


Valley Supply: Serving state’s small communities for more than a century
Years ago, John Denver scored a hit with his song “Country Roads,” which lamented about missing the beauty of West Virginia, and hoping the country roads would take him home to the place he belonged. While Valley Supply Co. President & CEO Rogers Earl Jr. didn’t grow up in West Virginia, ... >> More


F.W. Webb Expo means spring, bargains and off-the-charts food
For contractors in the Northeast, spring means more than a reprieve from one of the nastiest winters in recent history. Melting snow and plants in bloom usher in an opportunity to see old friends, enjoy deep fried turkey and land great deals on a year’s worth of plumbing and HVAC equipment. ... >> More

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