2017 Digital Editions

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Distribution is changing in ways few imagined a generation ago. Chicago Tube & Iron, F.W. Webb and Smardan Supply weigh in with the industry’s

aggressive responses to the many new realities it faces in a rapidly evolving market.

PVF Hall of Fame Issue: Rob Braig, Wolseley Industrial Group vice president, discusses its strategy to grow with changes in the industry while providing peace of mind to its customers.

ACR Supply celebrates 40 years in business while never forgetting its roots. Giving back to not only its employees but also its community is a cornerstone of their faith-based work.

Celebrating their 75th year in operation, the management of Wholesale Supply Group applies deeply-held religious beliefs and principles to the everyday operation of their business, be it on the counter or in the boardroom, with the aim to make the right decisions for their customers, suppliers, employees and community through their faith-based approach.

PVF Partners: John D’Angelo, CEO of DANGELO Company in La Habra, California, and Bob Cooper, President of Smith-Cooper International, have formed a true partnership between a wholesaler and master distributor, based on loyalty and solid relationships.

The legendary Dottie Ramsey, long-time driving force behind Modern Supply based in Knoxville, Tenn., takes center stage this month. After 51 years on the job, she expects to stay quite busy upon retirement. She discusses her plans in the January issue of The Wholesaler.