Exact Announces New Release of Macola ERP and Business Software

Exact, global business software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), unveiled Macola 10.5 at its annual Macola Evolve conference in New Orleans. In the newest release of its ERP and business software, Exact focused on enhancing the usability of the software with new tablet-led user interfaces – aligning with how and where its manufacturing and wholesale distribution customers use the software on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to demonstrating Macola 10.5 at Evolve, Exact showed its new emerging technology development program. The company also updated its user community on strides it has made with its community service efforts in the past year, and highlighted key award wins.

Macola 10.5 new features and benefits include: a design that adjusts to format for the best user experience on whatever device is being used, and access to data anywhere, with updates synchronizing within the application in real-time.

The software update also includes new search functionalities like type-ahead search that requires less data to be entered than before, infinite scrolling and sort-able table columns.

“In any given day, our customers may be on the shop or warehouse floor managing operations, out of the office visiting customers or suppliers, or sourcing new materials. The latest update to our ERP and business software is focused on empowering users to more efficiently and seamlessly access the information they need to do their jobs, wherever they are at the time,” said Derek Ochs, director of development, Exact, Macola division. “With Macola 10.5, we are matching our software to the way our customers do their jobs. In the end, if Macola is truly doing its own job, the user hardly knows the software is there.”

Exact recently created Macola Labs, a broad and ongoing exploration of technologies created through company hackathons that hold promise for future real-world deployment.

Macola’s previous update, 10.4, was named a finalist in the Plant Engineering Product of the Year awards.

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